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Pregnancy Relax Stretch Breathe

Gentle yoga-based stretching with information about pregnancy and birth.

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Pregnancy Relax Stretch Breathe

IN PERSON in quiet and serene Creacon Wellness Retreat outside New Ross. Easily accessible beside the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge. Class held in the airy spacious meditation hall.

This Cuidiú Antenatal Ireland weekly class is suitable from 14 weeks in pregnancy right up to birth, for complete beginners or those with some yoga experience.

Pregnancy Relax Stretch Breathe Classes combine a gentle yoga-based class with information about pregnancy and birth. The classes aim to improve physical and emotional wellbeing, provide information about birth and increase the likelihood of a positive birth experience. The groups are a mix of first-time expectant mothers and those who’ve previously given birth so there’s lots of sharing of wisdom and tips within the group. The benefits of relaxation and gentle exercise during pregnancy are well known and these uniquely-designed classes are only provided by Antenatal Ireland Teachers in Ireland.

The classes offer you time out from busy schedules, to relax and concentrate on yourself and your baby.

These classes can help during pregnancy by:

  • improving posture
  • improving confidence about labour and birth
  • helping with breathing for labour and birth
  • promoting informed decision making
  • relaxing the mind and aiding sleep
  • helping with some pregnancy ailments
  • increasing flexibility
  • increasing familiarity with positions to aid birth

If you have a specific ailment you should check the suitability of this class with your care provider.

In-person class start date to be confirmed. Bookings accepted for 2023 classes.