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    "I've so many pregnancy aches and pains...I want my massage to be effective where I need it most"


    "I sometimes think my husband needs treatments more than I do, he is always so relaxed after his back, neck and shoulder massage"


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  • Massage Treatment List

    Pregnancy Treatments and Holistic Massage

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    Nurturing treatment to ease common discomforts associated with pregnancy and reduce stress. Massage in a side-lying position.

    Half Body 45 mins • €55

    Full Body 1 hr 15 mins • €75

    Suitable from 14 weeks in pregnancy suitable post-birth to promote healing and recovery.

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    Swedish Massage

    Perfect for someone wanting to unwind and relax. Massage strokes aid circulation and ease overused muscles such as in the neck, back and hips.

    Back, neck & shoulder 30mins • €40.00

    Full Body 1 hr • €65

    Clients report feeling more grounded, balanced and rested after this treatment.

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    Ayurvedic Massage

    Traditional Indian massage strokes using 'Tri-Dosha' herbal oils to balance the body's constitution or dosha through body care treatments.

    Indian Head Massage 30 mins • €45

    Full Body Treatment 1 hr • €75

    combo 90mins • €110

    It also enhances circulation, increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness.

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    This treatment works deeply and slowly allowing relaxation to replace tension. Techniques such as trigger point release allow the body's nervous system to settle and unwind.

    Deep Tissue Back Massage 25mins • €50

    Full Body Deep Tissue 1 hr • €85.00

    Deep body work does not need to be painful or exhausting for the client.

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    Maternity Reflexology

    A relaxing pregnancy treatment using reflex zones on the feet. Based on Chinese meridian system this hands-on treatment aids comfort, sleep, relaxation and balance in pregnancy.

    55 mins €45

    Reflexology is particular beneficial for women's health due to its balancing effects on the hormonal system.

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