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  • Expectant parents have told me.....

    "Being listened-to is a huge priority for me. Particularly as I know most days healthcare staff are under-pressure and frequently under-staffed"


    "Knowing my partner will at my side during labour is a relief. Though I am conscious he/ she will need some support and reassurance also"


    "Thinking back on my first birth I began to wonder why didn't I ask more questions. I now understand the saying 'if you don't know your options you haven't got any'".


    Have you considered Childbirth Education or Doula Services?

  • What is a Doula?

    Qualified - Registered - Garda Vetted

    'Doula' comes from a Greek word and refers to a trained birth companion who provides emotional, informational and physical support to the pregnant person and family.


    Continuous labour support is shown to be the most important and basic needs for birthing people. Research has shown that labour support from doulas is both risk-free and highly effective. As a doula I provide support in the following ways:


    Physical Support: At a birth, there are many physical and immediate needs a doula can meet; from offering food or drink; providing massage; or simply helping set up a calm environment.


    Emotional Support: Every birthing parent will benefit from a kind and encouraging word as the birth process unfolds. Companionship is a basis for emotional support. Though it is also comforting to know your doula is at the other end of the phone or virtual support call.


    Informational Support: A doula is similar to a guide and brings knowledge about normal birth including comfort techniques and breathing for labour. I can help you find evidence-based information about your options.


    Advocacy: A doula supports their client's bodily autonomy and inherent right to make decisions about themselves, their pregnancy and their baby/ babies. Doulas cannot speak on your behalf. However, we encourage clients to speak up for what they want. We echo these desires and always aim to enhance client's communication with their care providers.


    Germaine offers a complementary 30min discovery call to discuss your needs and to let you know of available packages.

  • A Birth Doula can provide...

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    • Emotional support and reassurance
    • Help creating a calm and safe environment for labour
    • Suggestions to help labour progress with positions, breathing, movement, and hydrotherapy
    • Hands on support through massage, counter pressure, and hot/cold therapy
    • Care and support for the family and birth partner

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