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  • A Postpartum Doula can provide...

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    • Initial chat/ meet up to discuss your needs and the service
    • Daily visits in your home during your recovery period.
    • Baby soothing & newborn care
    • Infant feeding support
    • Care of new mother and older siblings
    • Light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation
  • Germaine's Postpartum Care

    Trained - Experienced - Garda Vetted

    Why consider hiring a postpartum doula?

    A postpartum doula works with a new parent and new family. Birthing people are now leaving hospital much sooner than a generation ago. And with Covid, discharges are taken place earlier again. And while its lovely to be home..... there is a certain type of support that can help new parents thrive!


    My role as a doula is to provide non-judgemental support and companionship. If a parent is feeling overwhelmed with unsolicited and possibly outdated advice, I can be on-hand to educate and provide evidence-based information on request. The kind of non-medical support that is so helpful includes; practical support with day-to-day household duties, knowing what is normal for mom and baby and situations when referrals are appropriate.


    The validation and nurturing in the weeks following the birth, while the mother is still in the 'fourth trimester', can be found in many traditional cultures. New mothers' benefit from a period of rest and recuperation and bonding with the new baby. The doula's training, quiet support and guidance are designed to fill a gap in maternity services and modern society.


    Typically the support offered by a postpartum doula takes place during the newborn/ infant period of 0-3 months.


    Hourly rate €30 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours per day.


    Start-off well package 12 hours of postpartum doula care €360

    Add €50 booking fee for antenatal 2 hour intake visit

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