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    Germaine nurtures confidence in women's abilities and intuition through her gentle approach.

    Compassionate, Experienced, Gentle

    As a budding holistic therapist, I began my career in San Francisco where joined teams at wellness centres, yoga studios, chiropractic clinics. Doula support became my focus in my private practice and now I am pleased to say I have two decades providing birth and postpartum services to clients both in Ireland and in San Francisco. During my 7 years living abroad I immersed myself in this work. On my return to Ireland I worked closely with the Doula Association of Ireland to promote the valuable work doulas provide. More recently I qualified as an antenatal educator with Cuidiú's Antenatal Ireland and provide local and online classes.


    I am also a mom to a spirited young son. Knowing a lot about birth at age 37 as a first-time mom was helpful. I had a positive experience at Waterford University Hospital. But what helped me the most was connecting to my intuition. Since then, I appreciate even more how doulas complement standard care by filling the gaps in maternity services, very often over-stretched to capacity. My vision is to create a lovely supportive environment enabling a labouring person to tap into her strength during this fleeting and special time.


    I intuitively hold space for mothers during their birth and postpartum and gently support the bonding process with their babies. I am humbled to work alongside mothers and fathers in this new chapter of their lives.


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